DePalma Presents Overview of WELL Building Standard

Drew DePalma has presented about the WELL Building Standard at several conferences and business association meetings to help inform the general public of this rapidly growing building standard.

Healthy workplaces are becoming a major priority and businesses are increasingly offering wellness programs. His presentation informs about the WELL Building Standard and the benefits of integrating human health and well-being in building design, construction, and operations. It also explores the seven concepts and the steps to achieve WELL Certification.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of financial, societal, and environmental benefits of WELL Certification
  • Become familiar with the structure and certification process of the WELL Building Standard
  • Receive an overview of the 7 concepts of the WELL Building Standard
  • Network with Corporate Executives, HR Professionals, Building and Operations Personnel, Engineers, and Architects
Drew DePalma