Historic - special projects

Lowes Theatre


Jersey City, New Jersey

In association with HMR Architects, M&E Engineers performed engineering design and energy modeling for this dramatic 53,000 square foot renovation project, which was designed in conjunction with NJ Smart Start energy program and qualified for energy rebates.

Project work included survey and documentation of existing conditions, energy modeling, selection and design of a new thermal ice storage system, and integration of the new system with existing infrastructure. 

Design challenges included equipment entrance and access to the lower levels of the building while keeping the historic structure intact.

Private Residence


Central New Jersey

The Owner's request was for a modern house for a family with active teenage boys and several dogs. The site is ringed by mature trees but contains an open clearing in its center. The 90 degree arc evolved in response to the clearing which opened to the south and west. This allowed the house to be located at its northeastern end, clear of existing trees and to take advantage of the sun and views.

M&E Engineers provided mechanical and electrical engineering.

Liberty State Park Terminal


Jersey City, New Jersey

M&E Engineers provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for the Blue Comet Auditorium in the CCRNJ Terminal Building.

This renovation required new utilities that would work both as an initial isolated use, and integrate with future central plant systems. New boilers, chillers, power and sprinkler systems were added and kept concealed.

The stained glass ceiling was artificially lit with programmable controlled lights, and the historic gas chandeliers were replicated using standard light fixture components. 

Henry Phillips House


Hopewell, New Jersey

Howell Farms celebrated the grand opening of the Henry Phillips Farmhouse in 2014 after a four-year renovation project. The Farmhouse is located at the Mercer County Park Commissions Howell Living History Farm in Howell, NJ.

M&E Engineers worked with HMR Architects on this project and designed the heating, humidification, plumbing, and electrical systems. Heating systems were hidden from view, including radiant floor heating, and electrical systems were as per the time period.