Historic - special projects

Lowe’s Theatre


The Landmark Lowe’s Jersey Theatre

  • In association with HMR Architects, M&E Engineers performed engineering design for this dramatic 53,000 square foot renovation project.

  • Designed in conjunction with NJ Smart Start energy program and qualified for energy rebates.

  • Project included energy modeling, new thermal ice storage system, and integration of the new system with existing infrastructure. 

  • Design challenges included equipment entrance and access to the lower levels of the building while keeping the historic structure intact.

Craftsman Farms


The Stickley House Museum

  • Museum collection includes numerous wood, leather, and fabric objects that require humidity control.

  • M&E designed a temperature & humidity control system that adjusts the humidity level according to the outside temperature.

  • M&E designed a Viking ‘Firecycle’ system, a specialized pre-action system that cycles the system in response to the fire, resulting in a reduction of up to 90% of water discharged.

  • The piping was carefully concealed in most areas and designed to blend-in with the logs where exposed.

Private Residence


Modern Arc House

  • Engineering services for modern private residence in central New Jersey.

  • The site is ringed by mature trees but contains an open clearing in its center.

  • The 90 degree arc was oriented to take advantage of the sun and views.

Liberty State Park Terminal


Blue Comet Auditorium

  • Renovation of Blue Comet Auditorium in the CCRNJ Terminal Building.

  • Required new utilities that would work both as an initial isolated use, and integrate with future central plant systems.

  • New boilers, chillers, power and sprinkler systems were added and kept concealed.

  • The stained glass ceiling was artificially lit with programmable controlled lights, and the historic gas chandeliers were replicated using standard light fixture components.